Anna Rose
Anna Rose
Health Coach and Food Expert

Optimal Health Coach & Food Educator


I'm an optimal health coach promoting better health with a personalized approach 

Whether you have a whole list of health concerns or are just not sure how to get your energy back, I provide guidance on what resources are available in a comprehensive and gentle way.  

A researcher by nature, I distill health and lifestyle information into accessible information.With all the conflicting advice on the internet and false nutrition claims coming from advertising, being well can seem confusing. With 25 years of observation, I've seen many health fads come and go. It is my goal to stay clear of trends and focus on lasting, effective adjustments to lifestyle 

I experienced poor health and debilitating fatigue in my early adulthood and have since learned about the power of diagnostics and some of the tools for having a life with energy and balance

I offer a free 15 minute consultations to get started. Please email me to set up an appointment

My Background: 

  • A degree in Health Education with a nutrition emphasis from San Francisco State University.
  • I was a health focused personal chef for thirteen years in San Francisco, CA.
  • Five years in Supplement sales with extensive weekend trainings regarding herbs, vitamins and nutrients. 


Special areas of focus:


Blood sugar imbalances

Skin issues

Low energy 

Women's health 

Children's health

Chinese food energetics 

Ancestral Health 

Integrative & Functional medicine